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Drugs, Disease and Deception: A Medical Whistleblower’s Tale with Judy Mikovits Phd (Episode 60, GFM Media)
Meet Dr. Judy Mikovits, a passionate research molecular biologist and biochemist; wrongfully jailed with her career destroyed forever because she[...]
West Papua: Freeing Indonesia’s Hidden Colony With Benny Wenda (Episode 59, GFM Media)
The people of West Papua have been suffering under Indonesian occupation since 1963. Over 500,000 civilians have been killed, and thousands more[...]
DARPA Revealed: Probing The Pentagon’s Brain With Annie Jacobsen (Episode 58, GFM Media)
It’s no secret that the United States Government undertakes a plethora of "Classified" operations and has done so for a long[...]
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About the Global Freedom Movement

Co-founded by Brendan D. Murphy and Aimee Devlin, Global Freedom Movement (GFM) is a collective of beings sharing the vision and mission of the manifestation of heaven on earth and beyond. GFM is here as an educational and activist portal to facilitate the global awakening to the reality of who we are, and to create a planet on which our collective values reflect that enhanced awareness of reality/truth.

We invite you to join us in breaking the rusty chains of conditioned thought and acceptable opinion, and engaging in an informed, lawful, compassionate rebellion, as we co-create the kind of planet we can be proud to bring future generations into!

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